Thursday, January 13, 2011


i like movies
i like almost every movie i see...
i'm not completely without opinions, of course
but in general i love the escape &
the fun of watching people do what
they are really really good at
(most of the time...cameron diaz, i'm looking at you)
i love the stories
& the drama
& the laughs
& the cries...
if asked
i couldn't tell you the last movie i didn't like
(& in fact i was asked by my friend, susan,
right before we saw 'inception')

& since i do enjoy most movies
these are not really reviews per say
more like 'what i saw & liked'...
& oh boy
did i like this movie
let's move right along...

i love this movie...
don't ask me explain it
in any cohesive manner
but i looooved it...

every scene was better than the one before it,
every non-stop bit & twist was so cool,
every style change fit so perfectly...

i totally loved the inside-out
no gravity parts...

& i don't mind seeing them recreated with
legos either...
so cool!

i was so glad that it wasn't scary
i did cover my eyes
(read: watched through my fingers)
a few times
but i tried my best to pay attention
(thanks for the heads up, meg!)

the sets were great
especially the warehouse that they
made their crazy-cool plans

one thing that struck me was
that leonardo decaprio has become a man!
i know he's been playing men for a while now
but i never really bought it...
i loved the movies (shutter island, the departed)
but he still just seemed like a young guy...
not here:
boy oh boy, he's a man :)

(loved this costume change...little bit of a 70's vibe)

the visuals were awesome
all of the architectual details
& the crazy ways they moved
(mc escher meets hogwarts)

another visual that was striking
was the cast...
look at these people:

via tumbler

not a cringer in the bunch...
& (spoiler alert!)
it struck me that if the entire movie was a dream
which some say it was
maybe that's why everyone was so good looking...
why fill your dreams with ugly folks, right?
(i recently had a dream about eminem
not too shabby either :)
or maybe they were trying to make money
by including 9 beautiful people...
it's a mystery!

& as long as we're talking about cuties...
you may have noticed a trend in all of my picture here..
a certain dark haired male
who mysteriously popped up in every single
photo i chose off of google images...
oh look!
there's another one!

what a totally weird glitch...
i mentioned in the previous post that i was looking forward to
seeing joseph gordon-levitt in this movie...
i was a fan before
& the only thing this movie did
was move him up on my list of favorite actors...
poor joanna & susan had to hear more than once during the movie:
'i love him!'
so much so that i looked up his resume on netflix...
i watched 'brick' on netflix instant today
(a modern day film noir take on high school... pretty cool)
& i reordered '500 days of summer' :)
in fact i'm thinking of starting to do a
'spotlight on the actor/actress' post
after each movie
just so i can gush about jgl a little bit more...

in conclusion,
i highly recommend this movie...
just be ready to focus
cause it's a mind bender...
(but let's face it
focusing on these guys isn't really hard at all :)

here's the nooc girlies at a little after midnight...
still with energy to burn!
(enough to get us home at least :)

up next:
black swan


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  1. may i just take this opportunity to say how much i love your reviews?!!!! can't wait to hear about black swan! :)