Friday, January 28, 2011

nooc: week five, 127 hours

tuesday, february, 1
valley river, stadium 15

even though i have heard that
'that one scene' is very realistic
i am super excited to see this!
& james is nominated so we know it will be great...

see you there!
love view...

the fighter...

it was the year 1995
& a cute boy i liked invited me to an event called
'the smoker'
it had nothing to do with cigarettes
cooking a large animal...
it had everything to do with
regular college age frat & non-frat guys getting
into a boxing ring &
pounding the crap out of each other.
did i even think twice about going to this?
uh, a cute boy asked me so, no,
no i didn't...
the cute boy was going to be helping
a friend of his get the crap pounded out of him,
be 'in his corner' literally
so i was going to sit with the cute boy's roommate
& watch the fight...
as we got the arena
(mac court, for eugeneies)
there were tons of people,
huge long lines.
however i was with the cute boy
& he had an 'i'm in the crap pounding corner' pass
so we started weaving through the crowd
as we got closer to the door
& it was more & more packed
the cute boy grabbed my hand & pulled me
through the maddening, butt kicking, crap pounding crowd...
& then he just kept holding it...
cute boy delivered me to his roommate
& went the corner to support the pounder/poundie...
& a pounding it was:
on my back...
cute boy's roommate was so into the fight
& so excited that every time something good (?)
would happen he would pound on my back with his fist...
true story.
i was in so much pain
but he just couldn't help himself...
thankfully we were friends
so i wasn't being pounded by a stranger
but still, quite hilarious...
the testosterone was really flying!

but despite me getting pounded
& the frat guys getting pounded
& the non frat boys getting pounded
it's still one of my favorite memories
& why wouldn't it be?
it's the first time brian & i ever held hands :)

ps the roommate is married to one of my best friends...
don't worry, before they got married i
warned her never to go to a fight with him...
or if she did to at least wear some back padding...

the end...

oh wait!
this is a movie review...
my nostalgia got away from me...

so 'the fighter' yes 'the fighter'
i really enjoyed this movie
firstly, because i didn't have to keep my hands over my eyes
unlike another movie that shall remain nameless.
secondly, it was set in the 80's &
the clothes, shoes & hair were beyond rad.
thirdly, the acting was incredibly awesome.
fourthly, mark wahlberg.
(is that not a complete sentence?)

i don't really need to address the 'firstly'
it was really just a dig at 'black swan'
& i am over the fear & dementedness that is that movie...
did i mention that the costumes were beautiful?
the 'costumes' in the fighter
i would not really describe as beautiful...
more like authentically wicked cool

this picture of the sisters does not even
do any of those things justice.
but if you've seen the movie, just one look
at these girls & you are transported back to
their ever changing array of
lycra shorts,
teal & pink shirts,
stirrup pants,
acid washed,
hair up to there
& their mom, too
she was glamor-trash-errific

the performances were amazing
my friend, lisa's husband said they should just hand
christian bale the oscar right now
& i agree
from the first second you see him, until the last scene
he's not playing dicky eklund
he IS dicky eklund...
& it might sound cheesey
but it was a pleasure to watch this performance..
never felt over the top
never felt like he slipped out of it...
christian bale may be a jerk in real life
(youtube has a few examples, i'm sure)
but so is alec baldwin
& just try to stop me from
watching '30 rock' every thursday night

an actress who i would imagine isn't a jerk in real life
is amy adams...
june bug, enchanted, julie & julia, night at the museum...
sweet girls one & all
& even in this she isn't playing a jerk
just a tough chick...
she was great & i'm excited to see her in more serious roles
if she so chooses...

melissa leo was so great too...
love her grit & take-no-prisoners parenting...
kind-of scary but you could really see her heart
if you could get past the aqua net...

& mark wahlberg
do i really need to say anything?

joanna & i were the only night owls this week
in fact
we were the only people in the entire theater, period.
which made it very nice
to be able to comment on the clothes
& laugh loudly if we wanted to...
thanks joanna, you're fun :)

did i mention that we are watching '127 hours' next week?
i'm pretty excited to see this...
even with the fainting :)

see you there!
love view...


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

& the nomination goes to...


• Black Swan
• The Fighter
• Inception
• The Kids are All Right
• Toy Story 3
• The King’s Speech
• The Social Network
• True Grit
• Winter’s Bone
• 127 Hours


• Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
• Colin Firth, The King’s Speech
• James Franco, 127 Hours
• Jeff Bridges, True Grit
• Javier Bardem, Biutiful


• Annette Bening, The Kids are All Right
• Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole
• Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone
• Natalie Portman, Black Swan
• Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine


• Christian Bale, The Fighter
• Mark Ruffalo, The Kids are All Right
• John Hawkes, Winter’s Bone
• Jeremy Renner, The Town
• Geoffrey Rush, The King’s Speech


• Amy Adams, The Fighter
• Helena Bonham Carter, The King’s Speech
Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit
• Melissa Leo, The Fighter

• Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom


• Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan
• David Fincher, The Social Network
• Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech
• Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, True Grit
• David O. Russell, The Fighter


• How to Train Your Dragon
• The Illusionist
• Toy Story 3

very cool!
i might switch things up
on the schedule a little bit...
i don't have 'true grit' on it
& it got quite a few noms...
i want to see 'another year'
but it didn't get any so i will probably
just save it for after the oscars to watch...
'127 hours' isn't playing near me at all
so it might be off
just because of that...
but since it is nominated maybe it will
come back to the theater
or to the cheap seats!

hooray, oscars!

love view...


Friday, January 21, 2011

nooc: week four, the fighter

Tuesday, January 25
Valley River,
Regal Staduim 15

Eugene, Or

i'm really looking forward to seeing 'the fighter'...
not sure if i will spend another
night in theater covering my eyes
(i'm not a huge fan of watching people punch each other...
more on that next week)
but the non punching scenes should be pretty great :)

oscar nominations come out tuesday
so i may change the viewing schedule
for the coming weeks a little bit...
just depending on if the movies
that i have scheduled get nominations
& if any of them are playing in eugene...
i'm excited to see who got the nods!

see you tuesday!
love view...
emily :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

black swan...

this is my favorite pic from the movie
(which is why i keep using it, over & over)

i am a scaredy cat
i cover my eyes during movies
& i jump in all the right places...
a director would be so happy watching me
view his scary movie :)
after watching black swan
i listened to my favorite movie podcast's review
where they stated quite plainly that
it should be categorized as a horror movie.
& i had even listened to that review a few months ago!
oh well,
at least the soundtrack was very foreshadowing
so i always knew when to cover my eyes...
& when to shut them completely.
some people might not say this is a scary movie
they are either very brave
or they are lying.
just so you know...

on another
much happier note:
i loved the fashion
looooved it
especially the things the ballerinas wore
during rehearsals...
so much grey!
(& may not really be considered fashion
because it all looked so comfortable...
ha ha?)

i also loved how the colors characters wore
represented their place in the story...
i loved it so much that i made a little collage:
(yes... i am a color & fashion geek with
access to google images & photoshop!)

top row: sweet & innocent
middle row: transition
bottom row: the dark side

& even though it may be really obvious:
the bad guys wear black!
the good guys wear white!
it was still really beautiful...
& really, does anyone fault star wars for doing the same thing?

the office & apartment of the theater director
were super cool
all black & white
(also obvious: he's the link between her light & dark side...
but it doesn't make the decor any less awesome)

even though i was scared out of my mind
i am so glad i saw this movie.
i had wondered if natalie was getting so many accolades
because of all of the attention on her preparation for the role
(training with a professional ballerina!
hours & hours a day!
for a year!)
or if she was really that good...
& i must say
she is pretty amazing...
really embodies the psycho
(my favorite personality trait in friends & neighbors)

back to the fashion!
i found this cute little collage that
a blogger did inspired by the movie...

that dress is just perfect.
& the feather necklace?
just right for a bit of an edge...

i was the only night owl this week...

(have i mentioned that there are some scenes that
may be offensive to viewers?
thankfully (?) i have no cinematic standards...
my night owl friends, however, do.)

next week:
the fighter
i'm so eager to see christian bale's performance
& of course, mark walburg...
& amy adams!
& melissa leo!
so join me won't you?
i think it's going to be a knock out...
(& if you come
you can kick me in the shins for that last cheesy comment...
everybody wins!)

love view...


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nooc, week three: black swan

tuesday january 18
10 pm
gateway movies 17
(the big one)
springfield, or

i'm not going to lie
this movie kind-of freaks me out
but since natalie won
the golden globe
this weekend
i do think it's a good choice...
i'm excited for the visuals
& the costumes,
the psychological chaos not so much
but hey, i'm going to the movies!
how can that be bad?
(famous last words?)

see you there!

love view

Thursday, January 13, 2011


i like movies
i like almost every movie i see...
i'm not completely without opinions, of course
but in general i love the escape &
the fun of watching people do what
they are really really good at
(most of the time...cameron diaz, i'm looking at you)
i love the stories
& the drama
& the laughs
& the cries...
if asked
i couldn't tell you the last movie i didn't like
(& in fact i was asked by my friend, susan,
right before we saw 'inception')

& since i do enjoy most movies
these are not really reviews per say
more like 'what i saw & liked'...
& oh boy
did i like this movie
let's move right along...

i love this movie...
don't ask me explain it
in any cohesive manner
but i looooved it...

every scene was better than the one before it,
every non-stop bit & twist was so cool,
every style change fit so perfectly...

i totally loved the inside-out
no gravity parts...

& i don't mind seeing them recreated with
legos either...
so cool!

i was so glad that it wasn't scary
i did cover my eyes
(read: watched through my fingers)
a few times
but i tried my best to pay attention
(thanks for the heads up, meg!)

the sets were great
especially the warehouse that they
made their crazy-cool plans

one thing that struck me was
that leonardo decaprio has become a man!
i know he's been playing men for a while now
but i never really bought it...
i loved the movies (shutter island, the departed)
but he still just seemed like a young guy...
not here:
boy oh boy, he's a man :)

(loved this costume change...little bit of a 70's vibe)

the visuals were awesome
all of the architectual details
& the crazy ways they moved
(mc escher meets hogwarts)

another visual that was striking
was the cast...
look at these people:

via tumbler

not a cringer in the bunch...
& (spoiler alert!)
it struck me that if the entire movie was a dream
which some say it was
maybe that's why everyone was so good looking...
why fill your dreams with ugly folks, right?
(i recently had a dream about eminem
not too shabby either :)
or maybe they were trying to make money
by including 9 beautiful people...
it's a mystery!

& as long as we're talking about cuties...
you may have noticed a trend in all of my picture here..
a certain dark haired male
who mysteriously popped up in every single
photo i chose off of google images...
oh look!
there's another one!

what a totally weird glitch...
i mentioned in the previous post that i was looking forward to
seeing joseph gordon-levitt in this movie...
i was a fan before
& the only thing this movie did
was move him up on my list of favorite actors...
poor joanna & susan had to hear more than once during the movie:
'i love him!'
so much so that i looked up his resume on netflix...
i watched 'brick' on netflix instant today
(a modern day film noir take on high school... pretty cool)
& i reordered '500 days of summer' :)
in fact i'm thinking of starting to do a
'spotlight on the actor/actress' post
after each movie
just so i can gush about jgl a little bit more...

in conclusion,
i highly recommend this movie...
just be ready to focus
cause it's a mind bender...
(but let's face it
focusing on these guys isn't really hard at all :)

here's the nooc girlies at a little after midnight...
still with energy to burn!
(enough to get us home at least :)

up next:
black swan


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Friday, January 7, 2011

nooc, week two: inception

tuesday january 11
gateway movies 12
springfield, or

i'm excited & scared to see this movie...
i've been avoiding reading much about it
so i'm wondering:
am i just building it up in my mind
or will i spend half the movie with my hands over my eyes?

i'm excited because i loooove joseph gordon-levitt...
have loved him since 'third rock from the sun'
& don't get me started on '500 days of summer'...

i'm hoping it's artsy & scary
but i would rather not have bad dreams
or be afraid to go to sleep...

we shall see...

meet me there
or watch on your own!

love view...
emily :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

how to train your dragon...

i got see this movie with my favorite little boy
(you can see that fun day over here)
what a wonderful movie...
i love how much we both enjoyed it...
it's got everything
scary parts
beautiful parts

& a sketch book played prominently in the script!
you know i loved that...

we really need to buy this one...


the king's speech...

let's start with a disclaimer
shall we?
i am not a professional film reviewer
i'm not even an amateur film reviewer
i am simply a girl who
likes movies
& saw this particular one at 9:30pm three nights ago...
if my ideas seem shallow
(i like how things look!)
if my words are inarticulate
(i like to keep it simple!)
if i am long winded
(i spend my day with tiny creatures who only hear every third word i say)
if my thoughts seem scattered
(welcome to my life!)
if this doesn't seem like a review at all
just me listing things i like
(probably the most accurate account so far)
well, i guess you've been alerted :)

above all
if you have opinions
(about the movie
or about my opinions)
please comment!
i love to hear what other people have
to say about movies i've seen...

here we go...

okay to start off
if you ask me
there should be an award for best walls in a room
& if there were such an award
in would be handed to the walls in
lionel louge's office all day long...
i have no idea if they were on purpose
(like in the script...)
or if it was just years of paint & wallpaper peeling away
whatever it was
it's fantastic...
(& i read something
comparing the peeling wallpaper
to george peeling back layers
as he works with lionel...
love it.
live for that sort of thing...)

i loved this movie...
it was so beautiful & stirring
& pulls you right in from the very beginning...
the first speech
where every little tick & titter echoes through the stadium
& perfect.

i loved george & elizabeth's relationship...
she is the queen
(& i will admit right now
that i was so confused by why elizabeth was the queen
but not married to the old dying king
& why the old dying king's wife wasn't the queen
& why elizabeth was the queen
but not married to the king
she's married to a duke
except then he becomes the king later...
not confused enough to research it now
but confused none the less...)
she is the queen
but showed so well
how anxious a wife can get to see her husband succeed...
not in a bad way
she was always really respectful of his space & feelings
but in a way that made you feel like she really loved him
& wanted him to overcome his difficulties with stuttering...
& when she hears him speak without the awkward pauses
she just seems so so proud of him...
i loved that!
(i realize that she may have just been embarrassed
& needed him to do well so that the
family remained in ultimate standing among the people of england
but it felt real to me
& so i'm going with it...)

i loved how colin firth made you believe he was
having a hard time speaking
& made you want to root for him...

the relationship between the king & his speech helper (?)
seemed kind-of cliche at times
like we've seen this in so many movies before:
person has problem
they try many things to solve their problem
but the only thing that helps is some weird person
with crazy (cool) wallpaper
who does unconventional things
& they resist
& they fight
& they give in
& the person's problems are solved
& they are best friends for life or longer
(see 'good will hunting', 'just like heaven', 'the blind side' etc)
i'm not saying it doesn't work
(hey, i loved & cried in all of those movies)
it just felt a little 'been there' to me...
but then it's a true story!
how can i argue with that?
& really if i'm being period accurate
this movie was set before all of the others...
this relationship might have been the one that
started the cliche'!

edward's girlfriend's necklace in the party scene...
die for.
(couldn't find a picture of it
but it's worth the price
to see the peeling walls & the necklace...
oh & guy pearce looking so not 'momento'...
(not that i don't looove 'momento'...i do!)
vintage super cutie)

& is this not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

the costumes & the sets were so pretty...
the signs on the buildings made me weak in the knees...
i love signage & fonts & all of that dorky graphic stuff...

helena bonham carter is an actress i admire so much
she goes from wild & insane in harry potter
to proper & sophisticated here
& so many more in between...
& she always takes wacky risks on the red carpet
(& in real life)
so fun to watch!

i am really not a history buff
but this even made me want to google the time period
if only just to figure out the queen, king, duke situation...

all in all
a really wonderful movie...

taken after the movie & we all look so wide awake!
totally impressive, if you ask me...

nooc by the numbers...
night owls: 5 fun girls
price for popcorn on tuesday nights at vrc: $2!
number of the queen's cute hats: 4 (at least)
my personal tissue count: 2
starting off with a sweet & inspiring movie: priceless

prediction: colin firth will win the best actor academy award
he was so close last year (a single man, also a beautiful film)
& he deserves it...
(also he was in 'bridget jones diary' so there you go
a complete body of work!)
everybody else should be nominated...
pretty amazing cast

next on the list:
at the $2 theater
the theater that doesn't have stadium or comfy seats
the theater we will be at
(yes! yes!)

see you there!


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Monday, January 3, 2011

dim the lights, camera rolling...

welcome to the night owl oscar club!
a little group i made up
because i love to watch the oscars
but i hate watching when i've only
seen one or two nominated movies...

i have a family
& am pretty busy during the day...
the evening is family & dinner & all of that
so going to the late showing
(after everyone is in bed)
works really well
& i'm hoping it will work for you, too, my movie fan friends :)

the night owl oscar club (NOOC)
meets every tuesday night
& the showing will always be after 9pm

i've made a schedule
of movies to see
(with the help of entertainment weekly)
& if you live in the eugene, oregon area
you can join us to watch the movie...
(the time & location will be posted by friday each week)

if you don't live near
you can still follow along!
grab a friend
& make your own night owl club...
super fun :)

after we watch the movie
i'll do a post about what i think...
a little review, if you will :)
& i would love your reviews too!
so feel free to give your opinion
& your opinion of my opinion :)

you can email me
or comment here
with questions

love view...
(get it? :)