Friday, February 18, 2011

true grit...

i'm tired.
& i won't ever admit that
it might be because i get up at 5:15am
three days a week
& for the past 7 weeks i've been
up until 1am every tuesday...
never admit it
because i love watching all of these movies...
never admit it because it is pretty worth it...
admit it...
but it's true...

ps i fell asleep for about 5 minutes during true grit...
but when i woke up i was totally
refreshed & ready for the second half...

a western huh?
not exactly at the top of my list...

a gravel mouthed
one eyed
jeff bridges...

dialog with no contractions...

Mattie Ross: If I had killed Chaney, I would not be in this fix; but my gun misfired.
Lucky Ned Pepper: [Chuckling] They will do it. It will embarrass you every time. Most girls like to play pretties, but you like guns do you?
Mattie Ross: I do not care a thing about guns, if I did, I would have one that worked.

barry pepper
looking mighty scary
but also mighty awesome
the poster
(well, i already did like that)

i got past my jason borne-itis
(expecting him to start killing someone with a
cup of water & butter knife)
& just let matt damon play laboeuf...

my favorite from him:
'a saucy line will not get far with me'
(can't wait to use that on miss m :)

& until
miss hailee steinfeld...
she's just incredible...

i really hope she wins best supporting actress...

& i can't find any pictures of the dresses
& coats that she wears in the beginning
but they are gorgeous!
plain & muted but gorgeous...

& now we just need to talk about those braids!
to die for.
almost always perfect
& so thick they could have used them to rope cattle...

i was thinking about cutting my hair
but now i'm rethinking it...
because of a 14 year old girl.
in a western.
set in the 1800's.

on second thought...
(or is that 3rd thought?)


& check out this little cowgirl:

you might think that joanna & i had been friends for years
but you would be wrong.
we casually knew each other through our friend angie
& then i posted this night owl idea on fb
& she said 'count me in!'
she has been to every one except 'black swan'
(the only one when i actually needed someone to cling to...
probably ended up right in the long run :)
so i was really starting to like her...
& then she showed up to 'true grit' in a cowboy hat...

& now i love her.


this tuesday is our last movie night!
& i was hoping that 'rabbit hole' would
be showing around here
but it's not...
justin beiber: never say never 3D it is!

i really do want to see that...
after all of these serious movies
i could use a little 'baby, baby, baby, oh!'
& at the 10pm showing i bet we could get up & dance!
who's in?

i'll let you know...
love view...

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  1. have i mentioned i LOVE your reviews?!?!!
    i also LOVED the dialogue. and the braids! i saw a 12-14ish aged girl today with identical braids... thick... beautiful.. shiney.... soft... long...and wanted to snap a picture of her to send you... but thought she might find it odd or her parents or the authorities...