Wednesday, January 19, 2011

black swan...

this is my favorite pic from the movie
(which is why i keep using it, over & over)

i am a scaredy cat
i cover my eyes during movies
& i jump in all the right places...
a director would be so happy watching me
view his scary movie :)
after watching black swan
i listened to my favorite movie podcast's review
where they stated quite plainly that
it should be categorized as a horror movie.
& i had even listened to that review a few months ago!
oh well,
at least the soundtrack was very foreshadowing
so i always knew when to cover my eyes...
& when to shut them completely.
some people might not say this is a scary movie
they are either very brave
or they are lying.
just so you know...

on another
much happier note:
i loved the fashion
looooved it
especially the things the ballerinas wore
during rehearsals...
so much grey!
(& may not really be considered fashion
because it all looked so comfortable...
ha ha?)

i also loved how the colors characters wore
represented their place in the story...
i loved it so much that i made a little collage:
(yes... i am a color & fashion geek with
access to google images & photoshop!)

top row: sweet & innocent
middle row: transition
bottom row: the dark side

& even though it may be really obvious:
the bad guys wear black!
the good guys wear white!
it was still really beautiful...
& really, does anyone fault star wars for doing the same thing?

the office & apartment of the theater director
were super cool
all black & white
(also obvious: he's the link between her light & dark side...
but it doesn't make the decor any less awesome)

even though i was scared out of my mind
i am so glad i saw this movie.
i had wondered if natalie was getting so many accolades
because of all of the attention on her preparation for the role
(training with a professional ballerina!
hours & hours a day!
for a year!)
or if she was really that good...
& i must say
she is pretty amazing...
really embodies the psycho
(my favorite personality trait in friends & neighbors)

back to the fashion!
i found this cute little collage that
a blogger did inspired by the movie...

that dress is just perfect.
& the feather necklace?
just right for a bit of an edge...

i was the only night owl this week...

(have i mentioned that there are some scenes that
may be offensive to viewers?
thankfully (?) i have no cinematic standards...
my night owl friends, however, do.)

next week:
the fighter
i'm so eager to see christian bale's performance
& of course, mark walburg...
& amy adams!
& melissa leo!
so join me won't you?
i think it's going to be a knock out...
(& if you come
you can kick me in the shins for that last cheesy comment...
everybody wins!)

love view...


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reviews (& i use that term loosely)
of academy award best picture nominees
they're wordy but mildly entertaining...



  1. i love this review.
    i love the picture of you with the poster.
    i love the cheesy comment.
    i love you!

  2. I just saw it last night Em. Soooooooo crazy good! Mommy was a nutso! That white dress was to die for. Wish I could go with you to The Fighter! Xo