Friday, February 25, 2011

oscar party: best picture menu...

(just off the top of my head)



TRUE GRIT: ummmm, grits?

127 HOURS: half a bottle of water

TOY STORY 3: 2 potatoes & a tortilla

BLUE VALENTINE: cigarettes & a big old jar of dashed hopes

THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT: just regular old food

WINTER'S BONE: squirrel & meth

BLACK SWAN: pink frosted cake or nothing (to represent ballet starvation)

THE SOCIAL NETWORK: beer, cocktails, sushi & pot

INCEPTION: something that just LOOKS like food but is really your deepest fears...

looks like we will be drunk, high & really depressed...

(oh & also puking)

hooray, oscars!

i may have to go in a more representative direction...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

nooc: week eight, justin bieber never say never

tuesday february 22
valley river

i think this is one of the best ideas yet!
i loooove seeing all of the best picture nominees
don't get me wrong
but they are all quite intense & deep.
so a perfect little bookend to this nooc season
seems like the fluffiest movie available
(especially because the awards are on sunday night
so taking a breather seems just right)
plus i really have heard that this is a good movie
plus, plus, we might get to dance a bit!
i love to dance
even if it's just in my seat...

i can definitely see this becoming a tradition...

& another thing!
i was thinking that maybe i would start doing a
once a month nooc meet-up...
if we work it just right
by the time the nominees come out we
may have already seen the
ones that are on dvd...
or maybe we will just have seen 12 movies...
& is there one little thing wrong with that?

if you don't decide to join us
for the biebster
remember the big show is on sunday night @ 5 pacific,
red carpet @ 3 pacific...
i think i will start watching at 4 or so...
although miss m does love a pretty dress!
maybe we will start a mini oscar tradition :)

i'll be here on monday with an observation or two...
i must say i am super excited!

love view...

Friday, February 18, 2011

true grit...

i'm tired.
& i won't ever admit that
it might be because i get up at 5:15am
three days a week
& for the past 7 weeks i've been
up until 1am every tuesday...
never admit it
because i love watching all of these movies...
never admit it because it is pretty worth it...
admit it...
but it's true...

ps i fell asleep for about 5 minutes during true grit...
but when i woke up i was totally
refreshed & ready for the second half...

a western huh?
not exactly at the top of my list...

a gravel mouthed
one eyed
jeff bridges...

dialog with no contractions...

Mattie Ross: If I had killed Chaney, I would not be in this fix; but my gun misfired.
Lucky Ned Pepper: [Chuckling] They will do it. It will embarrass you every time. Most girls like to play pretties, but you like guns do you?
Mattie Ross: I do not care a thing about guns, if I did, I would have one that worked.

barry pepper
looking mighty scary
but also mighty awesome
the poster
(well, i already did like that)

i got past my jason borne-itis
(expecting him to start killing someone with a
cup of water & butter knife)
& just let matt damon play laboeuf...

my favorite from him:
'a saucy line will not get far with me'
(can't wait to use that on miss m :)

& until
miss hailee steinfeld...
she's just incredible...

i really hope she wins best supporting actress...

& i can't find any pictures of the dresses
& coats that she wears in the beginning
but they are gorgeous!
plain & muted but gorgeous...

& now we just need to talk about those braids!
to die for.
almost always perfect
& so thick they could have used them to rope cattle...

i was thinking about cutting my hair
but now i'm rethinking it...
because of a 14 year old girl.
in a western.
set in the 1800's.

on second thought...
(or is that 3rd thought?)


& check out this little cowgirl:

you might think that joanna & i had been friends for years
but you would be wrong.
we casually knew each other through our friend angie
& then i posted this night owl idea on fb
& she said 'count me in!'
she has been to every one except 'black swan'
(the only one when i actually needed someone to cling to...
probably ended up right in the long run :)
so i was really starting to like her...
& then she showed up to 'true grit' in a cowboy hat...

& now i love her.


this tuesday is our last movie night!
& i was hoping that 'rabbit hole' would
be showing around here
but it's not...
justin beiber: never say never 3D it is!

i really do want to see that...
after all of these serious movies
i could use a little 'baby, baby, baby, oh!'
& at the 10pm showing i bet we could get up & dance!
who's in?

i'll let you know...
love view...

blue valentine...

this is gonna be a short one...

wherever i go
i bring my notebook with me
just in case i hear or see or think up
so of course this includes the movies...
& the poor friends who sit by me...
they have to endure my little 'scritch, scritch, scritch'
every once in a while...
some of the movies have filled an entire page
(the social network)
for 'blue valentine' about 10 minutes in i wrote
'really uncomfortable'
& then about halfway through
joanna said
'this is really uncomfortable'
so i think that's my review:
really uncomfortable.

so let's look at some pictures...

this one isn't actually even a scene in the movie
but i love the polaroid aspect...

this isn't in the movie either...
at a premiere i imagine
but don't they look kennedy-esque?

though i'm pretty sure jfk would have shaved before a premiere...

michelle williams & ryan gosling
are both really incredible actors
& i think it's a compliment to them that
the movie was so uncomfortable...
the life they were living was not comfortable
the things they were going through were not comfortable...

it was good...
but uncomfortable :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

nooc: week seven, true grit

tuesday, february 15
10:35 pm
valley river, stadium 15

i'm kind-of excited to see true grit...
never thought i'd say that about a western!
also because it's my last best picture nominee to see!
feeling proud, i must say :)
& also also, i love the poster...
so cool & old timey...

hope to see you there!
love view..

Monday, February 7, 2011

nooc: week six, blue valentine

blue valentine
tuesday, february 8
valley river, stadium 15

i'm looking forward to seeing 'blue valentine'
i love michelle williams (& her fashion sense in real life)
& ryan gosling almost always impresses me
(did you see 'lars & the real girl'?)
i know the story...
the acting is what i've heard the most about
& michelle is nominated for best actress...
should be interesting...
& i loooove interesting :)

love view...

127 hours...

i love james franco...
not like 'oh he's so cute' love
(though he is)
or 'oh, he's so talented' love
(though he is)
or 'oh, he's so hosting the oscars' love
(we're on the same page, right?)
no, i love james franco because whatever
he gets into his head to do, he does...
write a book of short stories?
go to college?
star in a few movies?
create an art show?
why not!
be on a soap opera?
try & stop me!
be a gucci model?
if you insist!
make a documentary?
all in a days work...

he's living the life that people who have ideas all day long
wish they could live
(uh, looking in the mirror right now...)
he's not married & doesn't have kids
so he only has to answer to himself if he messes something up...
he's rich & cute &
he could be spending his money on crap
& sleeping with lots of people
(i guess he could technically still pencil those things in...)
but instead he thinks of something
& he does it.

& that's why i love james franco.

oh & he made a little movie...
that's right!

127 hours.
127 hours.
what an intense experience.
watching the movie i mean...
& i guess the actual
'having your hand crushed by
a boulder & then cutting it off'
was pretty intense, too...

the opening credits
(which are so awesome)
to the closing shots
(which i watched through tears)
this movie is cool & beautiful...

describing this movie is kind-of difficult
without just telling the whole story...
i've tried to tell people about it & just say a little bit
but then i just go on & on & on...

i'll just say this:
even though i knew how it would end
i was totally totally engrossed throughout the
entire thing...

(i had a bottle of water almost exactly like this one during the movie...
i felt kind-of guilty every time i took a drink)

i loved how even though the movie was 90%
just one guy, it wasn't 'cast away' quiet
(not that i didn't like 'cast away')
& the fact that there was some humor, too
('that's no slurpee'
right jen? :)
it just all came together to
form one big mound of awesome...
a boulder of awesome you might say...
though i guess the boulder in the
movie was not that awesome...

& 'that scene'?
you know?
THAT scene?
it was perfectly horrible...
disgusting breaks
& grotesque snaps
& bloody everything...
i want to say i loved it
but that might sound weird...
there was definitely* a lot of twitching
& bracing in the theater
but we all remained in our seats
with no fainting of any sort...
score one for nooc!

& so we watched the last scene
& the credits rolled
& we all just sat there in silence...
it was the oddest, coolest thing...
& i'm more impressed with this
movie every time i talk about it...

& check out this cute group...

so fun, girlies!


i've been thinking about ranking all of the best picture
nominees in the order that i liked them
& as i was telling my bff, angie, this i made
the astute observation that
it would be 'really hard because they are all so good'...
alert the academy!
all of the best movie nominees are awesome!

on that note,
next week we are going to watch 'true grit'
& then i will have watched every best picture nom...
i will not pretend that i don't want to buy a billboard
to announce that fact...

love view...

* okay, i'm not even kidding when i say
that right up there was the
first time i have ever spelled 'definitely'
right without spell check
(i even spelled it wrong 9 words ago, then SCed it)


check out my other
reviews (& i use that term loosely)
of academy award best picture nominees
they're wordy but mildly entertaining...


Friday, February 4, 2011

i'm no aron ralston...

i'm heading out of town for the weekend
so my '127 hours' review will be a little late...
just wanted to leave a note
so you wouldn't think i was stuck under a boulder or something...

see you monday with my thoughts
& the schedule for tuesday...
though i'm not exactly sure what we will see
blue valentine?
rabbit hole?
true grit?
i will check the listings...
in any case
it will be on tuesday after 9
so mark it on your calendar, owls...
fun shall ensue!

love view...