Monday, February 7, 2011

127 hours...

i love james franco...
not like 'oh he's so cute' love
(though he is)
or 'oh, he's so talented' love
(though he is)
or 'oh, he's so hosting the oscars' love
(we're on the same page, right?)
no, i love james franco because whatever
he gets into his head to do, he does...
write a book of short stories?
go to college?
star in a few movies?
create an art show?
why not!
be on a soap opera?
try & stop me!
be a gucci model?
if you insist!
make a documentary?
all in a days work...

he's living the life that people who have ideas all day long
wish they could live
(uh, looking in the mirror right now...)
he's not married & doesn't have kids
so he only has to answer to himself if he messes something up...
he's rich & cute &
he could be spending his money on crap
& sleeping with lots of people
(i guess he could technically still pencil those things in...)
but instead he thinks of something
& he does it.

& that's why i love james franco.

oh & he made a little movie...
that's right!

127 hours.
127 hours.
what an intense experience.
watching the movie i mean...
& i guess the actual
'having your hand crushed by
a boulder & then cutting it off'
was pretty intense, too...

the opening credits
(which are so awesome)
to the closing shots
(which i watched through tears)
this movie is cool & beautiful...

describing this movie is kind-of difficult
without just telling the whole story...
i've tried to tell people about it & just say a little bit
but then i just go on & on & on...

i'll just say this:
even though i knew how it would end
i was totally totally engrossed throughout the
entire thing...

(i had a bottle of water almost exactly like this one during the movie...
i felt kind-of guilty every time i took a drink)

i loved how even though the movie was 90%
just one guy, it wasn't 'cast away' quiet
(not that i didn't like 'cast away')
& the fact that there was some humor, too
('that's no slurpee'
right jen? :)
it just all came together to
form one big mound of awesome...
a boulder of awesome you might say...
though i guess the boulder in the
movie was not that awesome...

& 'that scene'?
you know?
THAT scene?
it was perfectly horrible...
disgusting breaks
& grotesque snaps
& bloody everything...
i want to say i loved it
but that might sound weird...
there was definitely* a lot of twitching
& bracing in the theater
but we all remained in our seats
with no fainting of any sort...
score one for nooc!

& so we watched the last scene
& the credits rolled
& we all just sat there in silence...
it was the oddest, coolest thing...
& i'm more impressed with this
movie every time i talk about it...

& check out this cute group...

so fun, girlies!


i've been thinking about ranking all of the best picture
nominees in the order that i liked them
& as i was telling my bff, angie, this i made
the astute observation that
it would be 'really hard because they are all so good'...
alert the academy!
all of the best movie nominees are awesome!

on that note,
next week we are going to watch 'true grit'
& then i will have watched every best picture nom...
i will not pretend that i don't want to buy a billboard
to announce that fact...

love view...

* okay, i'm not even kidding when i say
that right up there was the
first time i have ever spelled 'definitely'
right without spell check
(i even spelled it wrong 9 words ago, then SCed it)


check out my other
reviews (& i use that term loosely)
of academy award best picture nominees
they're wordy but mildly entertaining...


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