Tuesday, March 1, 2011

nooc oscar night 2011: costume contest!

dress up as your favorite oscar character!

dragon trainers!

give these girls a hand...

har har...

there's a snake in my boot!

friend request...

confirm friend request!

(susan, you came as a fb friend, right? :)

helena hair...

helena style!

(helena/joanna won the costume contest...hooray for crazy!)

swanie awesomeness...

work it...

weren't those costumes the best?
serious work went into some of them!

i love these girls for being goofy with me
(some of them have been goofy with me since middle school...
some of them are newer to the goofiness...mine anyway :)

hooray for dress-up!

oh no!

who let that psycho in?

there's always one (or two) at every party...



  1. You are so crazy!! I love the photo match-ups. I think that I am scared of myself.

  2. Linked here from jmbmommy. What an awesome cast of characters you are! Bet you had a blast.

  3. How fun! Nothing better than being with friends who can be silly together. And be better entertainment than the entertainment. :)