Tuesday, February 22, 2011

nooc: week eight, justin bieber never say never

tuesday february 22
valley river

i think this is one of the best ideas yet!
i loooove seeing all of the best picture nominees
don't get me wrong
but they are all quite intense & deep.
so a perfect little bookend to this nooc season
seems like the fluffiest movie available
(especially because the awards are on sunday night
so taking a breather seems just right)
plus i really have heard that this is a good movie
plus, plus, we might get to dance a bit!
i love to dance
even if it's just in my seat...

i can definitely see this becoming a tradition...

& another thing!
i was thinking that maybe i would start doing a
once a month nooc meet-up...
if we work it just right
by the time the nominees come out we
may have already seen the
ones that are on dvd...
or maybe we will just have seen 12 movies...
& is there one little thing wrong with that?

if you don't decide to join us
for the biebster
remember the big show is on sunday night @ 5 pacific,
red carpet @ 3 pacific...
i think i will start watching at 4 or so...
although miss m does love a pretty dress!
maybe we will start a mini oscar tradition :)

i'll be here on monday with an observation or two...
i must say i am super excited!

love view...

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